Established by McMaster University in 2012 through an Automotive Partnership Canada grant, the Automotive Policy Research Centre (APRC) was formed to examine the role of public policy in facilitating a strong and competitive automotive sector that provides solid jobs in Canadian communities.

The APRC is comprised of an executive board and academic partners and researchers. For more information on these groups, please visit the people section of the site.

APRC Objectives

  • Develop the best evidence based manufacturing policy knowledge related to the automotive sector aimed at improving the global competitiveness of the Canadian automotive industry, increasing investment and maximizing the innovation potential of automotive firms operating in Canada
  • Identify appropriate metrics for measuring the strength of the automotive sector in Canada and, as requested by industry partners, produce quarterly reports during the research project (productivity, employment, capital investment, vehicle production, trade balance, etc.)
  • Report on the current state of manufacturing policy in Canada and in other automotive producing nations as it impacts the automotive sector
  • Report on the impact of various polices such as research and development tax credits, emissions controls and government subsidies used in Canada and in other automotive producing nation
  • Identify manufacturing policy options that will assist all three levels of government in Canada to determine how they might facilitate a competitive automotive sector
  • Identify manufacturing policy options that will encourage capital investment by automotive and automotive parts producers
  • Create and sustain a dynamic network of experts and sector stakeholders that will last beyond the term of this study
  • Train highly-qualified personnel (HQP) who will have an in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry and contribute to ongoing innovation and competitiveness