Press Releases

As the APRC publishes new research reports, press releases with quotes from their respective authors, as well as an overview of report findings will be uploaded to this page.

Stay tuned for updates, as new reports are published.  


PR "New Report Highlights Recent Growth in Canada's Automotive Industry"

Report: A Profile of the Canadian Automotive Manufacturing Industry, 2012-2016

Published: April 2017


PR "New Report Highlights the Impact of Currency Exchange Rates on Canada's Automotive Industry"

Report: The Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Canada's Automotive Industry.

Published: April 2017


PR "Report Describes Effect of Electricity Pricing on Competitiveness of Ontario’s Automotive Manufacturing Industry"

Report: Electricity Pricing in Ontario and its Effect on Competitiveness: An Automotive Manufacturing Case Study

Published: February 2017


PR: "Auto Manufacturing Could Make a Good Pilot for One-Stop Investment Attraction in Canada: APRC" 

Report: One Stop Shopping for Investment Attraction: Does the ProMexico Model Work for Canada? The Case of the Automotive Industry
Published: March 2016


PR: "Canada Could Learn from Mexico, U.S., and U.K. when it comes to Government Coordination, Incentives for Supporting the Auto Industry: APRC report" 

Report: How can Public Policy Help Sustain a Globally Competitive Automotive Industry?
Published: June 2015


PR: "Canada’s automotive trade deficit will deepen if it can’t attract new assembly investment: APRC"

Report: Whatever Happened to Canada's Automotive Trade Surplus?
Published: March 2015 


PR: "Industry Collaboration on Connected Car Provides Lessons for Canada: McMaster’s APRC"

Report: The APMA’s Connected Car Project: Innovation through Collaboration in the Canadian Automotive Parts Industry
Published: February 2015


PR: "Young Families in Ontario Hit the Hardest by Automotive Manufacturing Downturn"

Report: Local and Regional Labour Market Trends in the Canadian Automotive Manufacturing Industry
Published: February 2015